SHARE LISTING: Where is Blue Capital Alternative Income Fund Limited traded?

London Stock Exchange (SFM) – Ticker: BCAI.L/BCAI LN
Bermuda Stock Exchange – Ticker: BCAI.BH

STOCK PRICE: How can I check the latest stock price of BCAI?

The stock price is listed at ir-BCAI.bluecapital.bm (15 minute delay). You may also visit the London Stock Exchange and/or Bermuda Stock Exchange. Share Class is US dollars.


What is BCAI’s ISIN Number?
What is BCAI’s SEDOL Number?

FEES: What are BCAI’s Management and Performance Fees?

The Management Fee is 1.5% p.a. (1.25% p.a. for NAV in excess of $300 million). The Performance Fee is 15% p.a. of returns in excess of high water mark and LIBOR+5% hurdle; subject to LIBOR+8% trigger.

BOARD COMMUNICATIONS: How can I communicate with the Board of Directors?

The Company maintains regular communications with institutional Shareholders through its Investment Manager, and the Board is kept aware of the feedback received from such investors. Board members are also available to respond to Shareholder questions at the Annual General Meeting, and Shareholders may request meetings with Directors or communicate with the Board directly by contacting the Company Secretary. In accordance with Principle 19 of the AIC Code, the Board also monitors the Shareholder profile of the Company on a regular basis. The Board encourages all Shareholders to attend and participate in the Annual General Meeting, at which the key issues affecting the Company will be addressed.


If you have any questions or would like more information about Blue Capital Alternative Income Fund Limited, please contact us.

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